Multilingual CMS

UZUS Translation Agency is capable of carrying out the deployment of content management systems with automated content translation.

What is CMS?

CMS (Content Management System) enables people with modest computer knowledge to create content within a specific service.

Multilingual CMS. Your information in many languages.

Multilingual content is increasingly the standard in the area of web services. UZUS Translation Agency from Poznan offers a building from the ground services/websites with the administration panel which allows adding or changing their content.

CMS greatly facilitates the process of web page management and does not require from you to employ any IT specialists. The management system is so intuitive that any person can update the content after a free training made by a member of our staff.

The difference between multilingual CMS and the standard multilingual CMS available in the market?

In the case of multilingual web sites, problems with automatic and fast translation and updating of the content into a foreign language are very common. UZUS Translation Agency from Poznan offers automated translation services of web content.

  1. When adding new content in the CMS , you will select appropriate fields responsible for the languages into which the content is to be translated.
  2. The CMS will inform our translators that the text is ready for translation.
  3. The translated text will be automatically placed on your website.

Advantages of the solution

You do not need to send files for translation nor to set deadlines – all you have to do is to click an appropriate option when adding content to receive translation - translation which will be automatically posted on your website.

Why our offer is so attractive?

We offer complete implementation of internet services (from graphic design through implementation and translation services). Do not lose your time on unnecessary work sharing.

Please, feel free to contact us to learn the details of our offer.

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