Translation and localization of software, websites and marketing materials

As one of very few translation agencies in Poznan we offer translation and localization of software, websites and marketing materials.

Among location-based services UZUS translation agency offers the following:

Localization (l10n)

Localization is an option for customers who want to create a Polish or foreign language version of their websites, software and marketing materials. Localization consists in adapting a given product to local conditions, both linguistically and culturally. Within the field of localization we translate:

  • Graphic User Interface ( QT4, GTK, Swing AWT, others),
  • help files,,
  • databases,
  • documentation,
  • user manuals (software, equipment, etc.),
  • websites,
  • descriptions of marketing materials.

Our offer includes translation of single-application interfaces and complex software packages. Translated texts are tailored to the requirements of the Polish market and the needs of users. We verify the translated texts, testing them with people not involved in the process of translation.

In the case of UZUS Translation Agency the localization is not limited to the conversion of e.g. kilograms to pounds. We place great emphasis on the broader cultural background of the end user. Because everything can be prepared in one company, you avoid the problems associated with the organization, lack of specialists or missed appointments, as well as long-term proofreading.

The cost of localization is estimated individually.

Internationalization (i18n)

Internationalization is focused on the globalization of IT products (including marketing and others) to relieve the product from its cultural accretions.

UZUS Translation Agency offers help in the globalization of the linguistic service. The main purpose of the service is to cut off the translated text from its cultural dependencies in order to gain the widest possible audience in the target language group. We offer a Polish version of software, marketing materials created originally in another language, and their translation into any foreign language.

With this service, you can offer your customers a Polish version of software, or advertise your product abroad.

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