Sworn translations

UZUS Translation Agency also provides services in the field of sworn translations. All certified translations are made in accordance with applicable regulations.

One page of a certified translation is 1,125 characters with spaces by the regulation of the Minister of Justice dated 8 July 1987 on the forensic experts and certified translators (Journal of Laws of 23 June 1987). Each commenced page, even if it contains only one line, is counted as one translation page.

Each copy of a certified translation is also a document, which is why we charge a fee of 50% of the entire order for a copy.

Each sworn translation is accompanied by a translator’s certifying note stating its compliance with the original. If the note is on a separate page, we do not charge any fee for this page.

Due to formal requirements, sworn translations are made in Poznań.

Pricelist of sworn translations

Language Ordinary mode
(1-5 pages per day)
Accelerated mode
(6-10 pages per day)
Group I
English, German, Russian
40 PLN 50 PLN
II grupa
Spanish, French, Italian
50 PLN 60 PLN
Group III
Swedish, Danish
60 PLN 70 PLN

One page consists of 1,125 characters with spaces.

We charge on the basis of the target text.

The above prices do not include the 23% VAT tax.

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