Price list of translation

Language Ordinary mode
(1-5 pages/day)
Accelerated mode
(6-11 pages/day)
Express mode
(more than 11 pages/day)
Group I
English, German, French
from PLN 30 from PLN 35 from PLN 40
Group II
Russian, Spanish, Italian
from PLN 40 from PLN 45 from PLN 50
Group III
Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Czech, Slovakian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Belarusian, Ukrainian...
from PLN 50 from PLN 55 from PLN 60
Group IV
Asian languages
Estimated on an individual basis

The cost of translating a specialist text is estimated on an individual basis.

One translation page consists of 1,800 characters with spaces. Each page counts as one translation page even if it contains only one line of text.

We charge based on the target text.

For regular clients and orders, we offer attractive discounts.

The above prices do not include 23% VAT.

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